Additional Resources

Our lab collaborates with groups and companies around Santa Cruz and the US.

The UCSC Sustainability Lab based in the Thimann Laboratories works closely with the Carter Lab, sharing equipment and ideas. The S-Lab is designed for undergraduate work, providing workshops to give students the skills they need to complete projects and research with minimal supervision. Their facilities maintain a nitrogen glovebox, fabrication equipment, the arboretum greenhouses, and a 3D printer.

Materials Research Group
The Carter Lab works with the new UCSC Materials Research Group, collaborating in equipment use, ideas, and support wherever needed. While the materials group is still developing, we have worked closely with the Bridges and Zhang groups on many projects.

We work closely with the PV company Soliculture, which spawned from technology developed in the Carter Lab. Soliculture maintains more degradation equipment along with a large vacuum laminator.

Kauzlarich Group
The Kauzlarich Group from UC Davis works closely with the Carter Lab on materials research, specifically Quantum Dots for PV devices.

National Renewable Energy Lab
The Carter Lab maintains strong relations with the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), collaborating on projects and sharing students.